LME "Lift Up"
Lash Lift Marathon

Lash Lift procedure is still pretty much new industry. But its HUGE!

A lot of people thinks that is easy peasy, glued lashes to the rod, applied the products one after another one, DONE. 

But it's not.


To get the perfect lift, you need to understand the procedure from the inside!

There so much to learn about Lash Lifting. 
Styling, Colour, 50+ and many more interesting topics. 

The LME "Lift Up" will bring your understanding of Lash Lift procedure to an entirely new level!

Check out our incredible topics!

Let's come back prepared and educated!

Speakers Schedule 

​18/08/2020 12 PM Anna Belinska (with translator) "Typical mistakes in the lash lift"

19/08/2020  11 AM Anastasia Kuzmishena (with translator) “Speeding up your work. How to make life easier”

20/08/2020 5 PM  Mariola Mikolajczyk  " Importance of alignment in lash lift procedure "

​22/08/2020 3 PM  Valentina Bilenko (with translator)” Direction as a modelling tool”

23/08/2020 11 AM  Elena Kuts “Colour Lash Lift”

24/08/2020  10 AM  Otto Mitter “How to win a lash lift competition”

​24/08/2020 4 PM  Karolina Swiderska “Chemistry and mistakes”

​25/08/2020 12 PM Tatiana Puhova (with translator) “Where from Lash Lift starts, Client analysis and maps of applying the products.”

25/08/2020 3 PM Kira Bezkorovainaya “Inner and outer corners”

​26/08/2020  10 AM Ekaterina Novotorzhinova (with translator) “How to fix a poor work"

​26/08/2020 6 PM Svetlana Grigoreva (with translator) “Technique of Lash Lift Procedure”

27/08/2020 10 AM Veronica Rich "Lash Lift - Make it Luxury"

27/08/2020  6 PM  Olga Voron “Lash Lift for clients 50+”

05/09/2020 2 PM Valentina Bilenko (with translator) “How to choose a correct rod”