LME 3.0
 Online Lash Marathon



Our 5th Marathon LME 3.0

The 5th edition will cover both, technical side and marketing.

We have 17 absolutely amazing speakers joining us!

We made an affordable price for everyone.

We extended the replay time. All records will be available for 3 months after the last webinar.

Interest free payment plan available. Monthly or weekly payment. 

Check out our speakers and their topics!

18/11/2020 9 AM Juliana Castanho (with translator) “Fan Technique”

​19/11/2020  7 AM Olga Nevmienko (with translator)  “Ideal Fan”

20/11/2020 5 PM Laura Bell “How to build a personal brand”

21/11/2020 12 PM Danuta Bialek (with translator)   "Kim K."​

22/11/2020 9 AM  Elena Pavlova (with translator)  “M and L curl.”

23/11/20020 10 AM Anastasia Nikulina “Hand Position”

23/11/2020 3:30 PM Alina Khristova (with translator)   “Perfect top line”

​24/11/2020 8 AM  Elena Pavlova (with translator) ”Work on mistakes”

​25/11/2020 9:30 AM Anna Altmark (with translator)   “Distance/Direction”

​26/11/2020  1 PM  Gia "Idea classic"

27/11/2020 6 AM Elena Seredina (with translator)  "Storries world. What to post  to increase audience."

​27/11/2020  3 PM Antonina Gusler (with translator)  “Lash Layout”

28/11/2020 11 AM Kira Bezkorovainaya  "Mature Clients 50+"

28/11/2002 3  PM Natalia Jarysheva (with translator)  “Modelling by dots

​29/11/2020   1 PM   Time TBC     Virginia Diaz  (with translator) “Mega Volume”

​30/11/2020 12 PM Ljubov Lisenko “How to do IG LIVE without stress”

02/12/2020 9:30 AM Shannon Boyle “Photo and Retouch”