LME 2.0
 Online Lash Marathon




It will be all about the technique. 

You will learn new things, new effects, new techniques and much much more. 

We created it for you to improve, to grow and to close all your Q!

Our Speakers!!! Have you seen them? Absolute Lash Stars!

So no excuses!

29/08/2020 5 PM Margarita  Davydova (with translator) “Popular effects: Kim K, Eyeliner effect,Wet effect, Fox”

​30/08/2020  9 AM Valeriya Likhachova (with translator)  “Everything about glue”

30/08/2020 4 PM Alena Semenchenko “How to work and style difficult eyes shapes”

​31/08/2020 7 PM Louise Dempsey "NYC Lashes"

01/09/2020 12 PM  Diana Prangli “Modeling, mixing curls, asymmetrical eyes.”

02/09/2002 10 AM Aisha Jagijeva  "Perfect Direction"

​03/09/2020 10 AM  Jade Jones “Work with Pre Made Fans”

​04/09/2020 4 PM  Svetlana Prikhodko ”How to speed UP your work”

​07/09/2020 4 PM Natalya Mishnenkova (with translator) “Work with colour lashes”

​08/09/2020 11 AM Ekaterina  Karmanova (with translator) “Fan geometry + technique of making fans”

​09/09/2020 8 PM Julia Kharlova “Work with Asian Eyes”

​10/09/2020 1 PM Aida Oko (with translator) “Perfect Top Line”

11/09/2020 8 PM Bryony Barclay “Wiggle Technique”

12/09/2020 10 AM Arune Mooney “Inner and Outer corners”

13/09/2020 6 PM Ljubov Lisenko“Secrets of long-lasting lashes”

14/09/2020 4 PM Dominika Pietruszka “How to avoid stickies” 

15/09/2020 9 AM Monika Rzap “Bottom Lashes”

​15/09/2020 12 PM Behnaz Rashidi “Mega Volume” 

​15/09/2020 5 PM Anastasiia Hutsaliuk “Perfect Portfolio” 

18/09/2020 5 PM Joanna Staniul "Male Lashes"