Rules and Judging Criteria for 
 Lash Lift
Lashes should be lifted and tinted.

Please send us 4 photos:

  • The full face after (your model must be looking straight at the camera with no expression (1 photo)

  • After photo from the side to see lifted lashed curl ( 1 photo)

  • Up close open eye photos of one eye after lash lift (1 photo)

  • Photo during (lashes glued to the road without chemicals)

Judging criteria Max 110 points

Overall impression max10 points - This will be the judge overall score for all criteria.

Cleanliness max 10 points  - No glue or tint should be visible on the skin or on the lashline 

Modelling max 10 points - Chosen road and effect should suit the model

Percentage of curled lashes  max 10 points - All lashes need to be curled

Symmetry max 10 points - Lashes should be symmetrically lifted on both eyes.

Direction max 10 points - Direction of lifted lashes should be natural 

Lower eyelash tint max 5 points - Lower lashes should be lifted

Lifted Lashes fluffiness max 10 points - Lashes should not be glued together or have a wet effect. 

Lifting Angle in the root area max 10 points - Lashes should be lifted from the root and don't have a big gat between rod and lashline (Judged by photo during)

Tinting uniform max 10 points - All lashes should be tinted evenly. 

Inner and outer corners max 10 points - Inner and outer corners should be lifted and tinted. 

Penalty Points

Redness  - max minus 5 points

Overcured lashes/tips - max minus 5 points